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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Goodbye Mytechboard, Say Hello to "The Confidence Post"

Posted By: Confidence Ezemadu - 16:51
Hey everyone, With great joy in our heart, we are pleased to announce to you that this blog (mytechboard) will no longer be operating as it switches over to "the confidence post" [confipost.com]


As noticed, mytechboard has not been updated for quiet a long time now, and the reason is very obvious, we are shifting attention from this domian name to a completely new domain and site.

Although, all features of MTB will still be intact, the site will no longer get updates and we plead with you all to follow us on our new adventure that caters for wider range of interests.


Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Save Money by Installing a Pool Pump Timer

Posted By: Confidence Ezemadu - 16:24
Saving money on your energy bills is important. And with pool season upon us, you might be thinking of ways to reduce your energy usage when it comes to your pool. Well, one great way is by installing a pool pump timer. This is a simple, relatively inexpensive purchase and installation, which can save you big time on your energy costs. Here are some tips for using a pool pump timer.


Before you can begin seeing the money savings in your utility bill, you will of course need to install your pool pump timer. You can hire someone to do it for you so that you know it’s done right. You should recoup the cost of the timer itself and the labor for the installation within months of installing the timer, through the savings in your electric bill.

However, if you’re a handy do-it-yourself type, then here’s how to install a pool pump timer:

* Turn off the power to your pump. The power should be turned off at both the pump itself and the homes main circuit breaker. Safety first here, after all.

* Remove the cover from the timer itself, which houses all of the wires.

* Using a multi-meter, test all of the wires to make sure none of them have a current running through them.

* Attach the pool pump timer to the electrical source. Attach the white and black wires.

* Wire the terminals of the pool pump timer and the pump with a 6-inch piece of wire. Wrap this piece of wire around the second and third terminal screws.

* Ground it. Wrap the green ground wires around the ground terminal screws which are labeled inside the box.

* Attach the white wire to terminal 1.

* Wrap all wire ends with electrical tape.

* Close up the timer and power on the pump and test everything out. Then you can start playing with the settings of the timer.

How to Run the Timer

Generally speaking, it takes eight hours for the water to circulate in your pool. This is all dependent on the size of your pool and the kind of pump you have. To determine the best and most efficient way to run the pool pump, you have to slowly reduce time in 30-minute increments.

Start by running your pump for the longest recommended time. Once it has completed that time cycle, turn it down and check the water. Keep turning it down in 30-minute increments until you find the water to be dirty. Bump it back up 30 minutes to the last time the water was well filtered. You have now determined how long it takes your pump to pump water through the filter in your pool.

If you live in an area that gives you a break for using electricity during off peak hours, then setting up the timer to run through its pumping process during this time is going to be extra beneficial and cost saving.

Now that you have your pool pump all set up and adjusted properly, sit back and watch the energy savings begin and the energy costs drop. You will be so pleased you made this switch. Your electric bill will thank you.

Friday, 14 October 2016

How to Visit Facebook Full Site on Mobile Phone (Facebook Desktop Site)

Posted By: Confidence Ezemadu - 15:35
Last Updated 14 November 2016.
This method to view Facebook mobile full site is still working up to date, until the date this post was last updated. Read Below;

You can get the Facebook full site view on your mobile phone exactly just the same way it is when visiting from your laptop, desktop and PC generally, as Facebook also grants access to its full site version on mobile phones. But only if the particular user in question requests and wants it to appear that way on his or her mobile device or smartphone.

Did i just hear you say "request and want"? Yea, now i know whats going on right on your mind, don't worry we are not going to write or send any mail to anyone on Facebook requesting for the full site view on our mobile device. Everything is automatic and wont take even a single time to complete. let me rephrase it.

facebook on android
image credit: Easycodeway
Facebook grants users access to the full site just like that of the computer view only if you can follow this simple trick that you will be given. Once you get this trick, you can visit Facebook's full site with your mobile phone and continue to enjoy computer view of your Facebook account.

How To View Facebook's Full Desktop Site On A Mobile Phone

This trick will enable you have a Facebook desktop view of your  Facebook account exactly like that of a computer. Your home screen/ news feed will display the sidebars and layout just like the basic site so if you are tired of browsing through the mobile site, then first log in to Facebook mobile site i.e log in as if you want to access the mobile site with/ on your mobile browser.

Now you have been logged in, While logged in, open your browser tab (whichever browser you are using) and type in this URL www.facebook.com/home.php
you will automatically be taken to the full site version just like the one displayed on a PC.   
 Do not forget to add WWW before the main URL 

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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Why You Should Digitally Lock Your Vital Documents

Posted By: Confidence Ezemadu - 14:34
PS: this is a guest contribution from Rafe Zetasci
I have since forgotten about this article until today when I was going through my many guest posts articles received and kept on my document library. I decided to pick this one cause I feel the need for everyone to be secured.
As organizations are striving to connect with their valuable partners, employees, customers and clients, it is becoming increasingly difficult to safeguard against digital security violations. In order to protect classified information against unauthorized access and violations, enterprises are opting for digital rights management fundamentals as an important factor in locking down digital security.

Some of the obvious document security choices include opting for a well-known DRM system, safeguarding critical documents with passwords, communicating data securely through a private SSL and clean wiping employee devices if misplaced or lost.

If every enterprise recognizes these choices as well as other essential DRM practices, why do we still hear of massive document security violations taking place in leading organizations? Some of the headline grabbing stories in the last few years have been focused on organizational data infarcts and the accompanying plummeting of brand legitimacy and value.
To help man-oeuvre the world of DRM choices, here are

two critical tips that can help in digitally locking vital documents.

digitally locked document
1.]    Ensure the safety of digital data from the onset of its journey.

Lets take a close look at this. An associate carries his iPad to a number of locations, particularly to customer venues at the commencement of a client information-procuring procedure. The associate takes on specific information from various customers electronically.

However, during lunch the iPad gets stolen or lost with all the classified customer information that was captured during the day, including classified phone numbers, payment information, Social Security numbers, emails and addresses.

Irrespective of whether the iPad gets lost or stolen, all of the sensitive data that was encapsulated during the day now stands at risk of being exposed to unscrupulous parties.

Because the breach has taken place, the current set of customers may not be the only ones to think twice about conducting business with you but rather future clients might also learn about the digital breach through a public report when examining vendors, which will compel them to disregard your services and employ your competitor.

Hence, it is extremely vital that information capture processes are securely protected and safeguarded. When examining customer information capture solutions, it is important to consider digital rights management. Although it might not be headline news on the loss of the iPad and the data contained in it, the next point is worth considering.

2.] It's not about the size of the loss, rather the relevance of what has been lost.

In a number of industries, especially finance related, the sensitive nature of data and compliance does not require second thought on putting digital locks on classified information and documents.

Now, what most companies fail to understand is that data into wrong hands itself could be hazardous, and even a tiny breach could greatly hamper customers confidence. Organizations that exclusively take care of identifiable information of any nature must take adequate measures to safeguard digital information and data.

It is important to understand every step of a process in order to ensure that accurate DRM functionality is employed. Beyond customer information, the leakage of a single piece of information can still be calamitous.

Irrespective of whether a highly protected piece of information is printed and taken out of secure premises, or classified intellectual property that is surreptitiously emailed to a malicious party in a commercial environment, the underlying consequences and the ensuing compliance infringement and legal battles become unendurable threats.

DRM solutions are perfect for leading brands across the financial industry, medical, insurance, advertising, government and various others to help them accomplish digital transformation by securing their classified data and build market share.

About The Author
Rafe Zetasci is a web analyst and currently works with passwordprotectpdffile.com, where they help in protecting PDF Files and Documents to secure your important information from being copied and stolen from unauthorized persons.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

How To Transfer WhatsApp Messages From an Old Phone to a New One

Posted By: Confidence Ezemadu - 06:28
Of a true, Whatsapp is one of those App that is a tremendously useful way to keep in touch with people all over the world, and yes, it’s pretty much for free. There is a rather large problem that users can encounter though, and that is when moving on to a new phone.

Usually, their conversations don’t come with them. This is due to the way that the app stores content. It stores its content locally on your local SD card or phone memory, rather than on web servers.

If you still have your old phone to hand, and haven’t switched from Android to iOS or vice versa, then it’s still possible to salvage those chats and move them safely to a new home.  As, I will be taking you through the short process of copying and restoring your digital missives.

How to Add Your old Whatsapp Message to a New Handset in just two processes

transfer old whatsapp to new one


Using an SD card

If you have an Android phone with an SD card which is most likely to be the case, then the process for transferring your chat history is in all way straightforward.

Heres what you do, Open the app, then tap the Menu icon, now go to Settings > Chats and calls > Backup Chats.

This will now create a backup on your SD card, which you can then swap into your new handset. Reinstall WhatsApp on you’re the new device you have used to replace the old one (with the SD card inserted) and the app should spot your backup and automatically restore the chat history.

Using a PC

This is basically for those phones without an SD card (and there are more of them now). Yes, you can still move your chat history, but it will need a PC to make it happen.

Here’s the process.. Attach the USB charging cord to the phone and plug the other end into your PC. (That’s basic stuff anyone using a PC knows how to do). Windows should automatically install any drivers you need, and then you can find the phone in the This PC section of File Explorer.

How to transfer any type and kind of file on whatsapp
Now look through the phone storage until you find the WhatsApp folder, and then copy it on to your PC hard drive. Once that’s done, Eject the phone, then connect your new replacement device/ handset to your PC as well..

Repeat the whole process, but this time around, you are going to be moving the file you copied from the old handset to the new one.

Move the WhatsApp folder onto its internal storage. Eject the phone, reinstall WhatsApp, and when you confirm your number the backup should be recognized and you can restore it. With this done you should now have all your past conversations on your new Android phone.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Stop Using Exact Match Domain and Start Building your Site in The Authority Model (You are Losing Money)

Posted By: Confidence Ezemadu - 16:27
An Exact match domain is a domain name that has got the keywords a site is trying to rank for or the niche that site is based on. Say I have a site about “Bowling tips” I would go ahead to register a domain name and name it “Bowlingtips.com , Expertbowlingtips.com , probowlingtips.com , mybowlingtips.com , justbowlingtips.com , bowlingtipsforlife.com and other stuffs like that dot com.” (I just hope I don’t get penalized for using this keyword excessively here.)

Now that’s what we mean by the term “Exact match domain” as you have just by the domain explain all what the site is about and what it will continue to be for the time been.

Why Do People Use Exact Match Domain Really?

frustrated blogger loss I see so many bloggers get confused by virtue of following some self-proclaimed internet experts who tells them to create dozens of sites in different niches using the exact match domain keyword they are trying to rank for in that niche, drive tons of backlinks to it and put some AdSense codes with the aim of making $100/ month from it via AdSense.


Today, making $5,000/month is easier than making $100 each from about 20 sites… --Chris Lee

This is one thing many internet marketers still do not know and keep buying PBNs with high PR and registering exact match domains just to get favor from the search engines and rank their AdSense site (though there are some really smart guys who still rank with PBns till date).

Unfortunately this system of making money and ranking does not work anymore (at least not just for anyone anymore).
In summary, the main reasons why people go ahead to purchase exact match domains is because they feel it will help them rank faster and get traffic, then make some few AdSense bucks from Google.

matt cutts on exact match domain
They feel if I discover a keyword has maybe 50k searches per month and make a site about it (lest say cooking tips for men) and name it “cookingtipsformen[dot]com” whenever anyone just go online and type the word cooking tips for men their site will quickly pop up and they get the view.

Unknown to them that, “ what we have now dominating our search results are authority sites (some with PR and others without PR, just good quality contents and powerful links)” UPDATE: Google has completely disabled PR, so right now, all sites PR is zero.

So, even if your domain is exact match using the cooking tip example, a site with the name “funtime[dot]com” can outrank and continue to outrank your site for life because of its authority. (I bet you must have seen many of these cases from your google search before)

How You Are Currently Losing “and will keep losing” Money from Your Exact Match Domain.

First, having an exact match domain limits your site to doing just one specific thing which is not really all that profitable or long lasting.  (I will talk about that later, but not here). If blogging is a business, then treat it like one..  How? Imagine keywords within a niche have the following:
Keyword 1 --120,000
Keyword 2 --104,000
Keyword 3 --- 60,000k
Keyword 4 --- 50,000
Keyword 5 --- 46,000
Keyword 3 ---- 39,000
TOTAL = 377,000

From this table, site A registers a domain name with an exact match keyword based around 60,000 searches per month and starts blogging only on that keyword plus add some low quality heavy backlinks to it so as to rank for it and be getting at least 35 -40,000 visits per month and maybe make $100 from AdSense and $100 from affiliate products totaling $200 per month.

Site B (authority) Decided to target the whole keywords within the niche by going with a more generic domain name and first went for the keyword getting around 120k/month coupled with the other two getting around 104 and 60k/month, writes good quality contents on one keyword at a time, drive some powerful backlinks to it and all other proper seo work well-done.

If we leave these two sites to rank and watch them grow for the next 6months, we will see Site A shoot up the search result for its keyword quickly and be getting its $200/month from the site. ($200 X 12 = $2400)

Within the space of 6 – 7 and 8months, site B would have built enough authority and immediately slowly climb to the top for both first, second and third keywords + other hidden long tail keywords... Again, I repeat, if SEO done right.

Let’s assume Site B gets 35% out of the whole niche searches (which is in reality too small or not possible since it has built enough authority and recognition).
That’s 131,000 visits per month.   Doing the AdSense arithmetic, (see how to calculate AdSense earning using traffic stats). That will result to about $50/per day and $1500 per month from AdSense alone if properly done.

Let’s just assume the site is not even doing affiliate marketing, which is also not possible, but we will just assume it. (That’s for another day by the way.) ($1500 x the remaining 4months of the year = $6000)

From the result above, you can see site A (exact match small niche domain) gets $2400 in 12 months while Site B (Generic domain name) authority site gets $6000 in just 4 months.. 

Remember we can further monetize that site B for more profits. Imagine if it also decides to target another huge keyword related to that niche but in a diverse manner. I.E adding time management + Self-esteem +Confidence building  and since they all boil down to Just improving your life, the same site can go out as into the Health and Fitness niche, Recreational activity niche, and yes FASHION. WOW.

That’s more traffic, more money. The site just keeps expanding until it reaches 5figures monthly. On the other hand Site A might either get slapped by Google or stock and decide to sell the site for few penny, then go back all again to build a new blog.

Now you see how you are losing big money by just niching and niching down with your exact match domain name instead of expanding and increasing your reach and income.

A Good Way To Choose a Domain For An Authority Site

choose proper domain nameA good way to do this is simply just narrowing down and then expanding again. Say we wanted to create an authority blog based on the fashion niche, we can just as niched as “Men’s fashionable bolt tie” then expand again to “Men’s fashionable tie” again, “the co-operate man” “the casual man”, and further men’s accessories. Now, that’s huge enough.

We can decide to further go up again by adding, men’s relationship life, building their confidence, their health and latter fitness. Guess what our site is all about now? MENs LIFE... And do you know what possible domain we could use for this site? THEWHOLEMAN[dot]COM or MANLY[dot]com (I don’t know if these domains are available for grab]..

And then we go by first covering all about men’s bolt tie. That’s how the authority model works…
I hope this post was helpful enough to make you rethink and re-structure your blogging strategy for the best and make it a long time investment that generates the cash to pay the bills and live luxury.
Have any question, contribution or commendation to add?

Feel free to use the comment box below, let’s get the talk started and hey, do not forget to share with your friends and loved ones on your social media circle by clicking on any of the social share buttons above or below. Sharing is caring.

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