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Transfer All Files Now On Whatsapp: How to Send APK, PDF, ZIP & Other Files on WhatsApp!

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Often times, so many of us find it iretating and get pissed off each time we wish to share files on whatsapp to our friend and colleagues outside the normal audio,video and image file sharing.. Yea, i know, sometimes, theres an urgent need to share files like .zip, .txt, .apk, and other file extensions only to find out that you cant do that on the normal popular quick chat society "whatsapp"
Share files on whatsapp
Transfer and share files on whatsapp

Today i bring to you good news, cause now you can easily share any file format on whatsapp with people in groups, maybe broadcasting those files to everyone using the mediafire application for android. Did I hear someone say "How is that possible, share files via mediafire on whatsapp?
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Yes the official mediafire application can make this process a lot easier for you to share any file with anyone using whatsapp. Now all you need is the file in your phone, mediafire application and whatsapp fully activated with your number.

STEPS BY STEP GUIDE To Transfer Any Kind of File on Whatsapp

  1. Install the Mediafire Application and WhatsApp in case you are not having.
  2. Now make sure that the file you wanna send is present in your phone.
  3. Open the mediafire application and create your free account in it.
  4. Now you need to upload the files that you wanna share with people on whatsapp on mediafire, it can be done easily.
  5. After your file is uploaded on mediafire, click the button and share option will be visible to you.
  6. In that you will see the WhatsApp option, choose that and then select either the person, group or broadcasting channel. 
That’s it, now your file will be sent to that particular person, in case your friend wants to have a look on that file, he can either view it directly, or transfer the file to his or her computer and see the file easily.

I know some guys will find this whole process confusing, but no need to worry, thats why we have the comment box there for you! 

Too bulky? well stay tuned, we will be sharing a more simple way in our subsequent posts..

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  1. Thanks Wills.. This i my first time on your blog... and i see it new.. mmm.. love the layout and all, hope to get more posts from you..

    1. yes sir.. its new, bought all the buyables.. will be getting a top level domain name soon... thanks, and keep visiting for more updates..

  2. thanks you bro

  3. wow.. tried and it really worked. you are the best

  4. does the receiver also have to the mediafire app?

    1. Download d mediafire app?? No. Not at all it is mainly used for sending

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