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How to Visit Facebook Full Site on Mobile Phone (Facebook Desktop Site)

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Last Updated 14 November 2016.
This method to view Facebook mobile full site is still working up to date, until the date this post was last updated. Read Below;

You can get the Facebook full site view on your mobile phone exactly just the same way it is when visiting from your laptop, desktop and PC generally, as Facebook also grants access to its full site version on mobile phones. But only if the particular user in question requests and wants it to appear that way on his or her mobile device or smartphone.

Did i just hear you say "request and want"? Yea, now i know whats going on right on your mind, don't worry we are not going to write or send any mail to anyone on Facebook requesting for the full site view on our mobile device. Everything is automatic and wont take even a single time to complete. let me rephrase it.

facebook on android
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Facebook grants users access to the full site just like that of the computer view only if you can follow this simple trick that you will be given. Once you get this trick, you can visit Facebook's full site with your mobile phone and continue to enjoy computer view of your Facebook account.

How To View Facebook's Full Desktop Site On A Mobile Phone

This trick will enable you have a Facebook desktop view of your  Facebook account exactly like that of a computer. Your home screen/ news feed will display the sidebars and layout just like the basic site so if you are tired of browsing through the mobile site, then first log in to Facebook mobile site i.e log in as if you want to access the mobile site with/ on your mobile browser.

Now you have been logged in, While logged in, open your browser tab (whichever browser you are using) and type in this URL
you will automatically be taken to the full site version just like the one displayed on a PC.   
 Do not forget to add WWW before the main URL 

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