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What Doesnt Work Anymore in SEO 2016/2017 (Important Google Updates)

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So, you have decided to learn search engine optimization and wonder what really works and what doesnt. Many people including myself has used search engine optimization to grow small family-owned businesses, toy stores, large international fashion brands, and hotel chains.. Yes, you can do it too.

One thing never ceases to amaze me — the power of SEO as an Internet marketing tool for growing any business. I have grown small businesses into giant companies in just one or two years — simply from working the client's site up to the top position in Google.

Unfortunately, learning how to use SEO is difficult, if not impossible, for most business owners, Internet marketers and even tech-heads. The reason is this,

Going through the amount of information flooding the Internet about SEO is overwhelming. In many cases, most of the advice published is outdated or misleading. And the constant updates by Google makes it hard for SEO beginners and gurus alike to keep up with what works.

Anyways, I don't want to go in too much into SEO in this article, as the title explains already what this post is all about. "WHAT DOESN'T WORK IN SEO IN 2016"

Old School SEO Method That No Longer Works.

In the early days of Google — over 15 years ago — Google started a smarter search engine and a better experience for navigating the World Wide Web. Google delivered on this promise by d
elivering relevant search engine results.

Internet users discovered they could simply type what they were looking for into Google and BINGO! users would find what they needed in the top results, instead of having to dig through hundreds of pages. Google's user base grew fast.

Image by: bangweb
It didn't take long for smart and entrepreneurialy minded webmasters to catch on to sneaky little hacks for ranking high in Google.

Webmasters discovered by cramming many keywords into the page, they could get their site ranking high for almost any word or phrase. It quickly spiraled into a competition of who could jam the most keywords into the page.

The page with the most repeated keywords won, and rose swiftly to the top of the search results.

Naturally, more and more spammers caught on and Google's promise as the 'most relevant search engine' was challenged. Webmasters and spammers became more sophisticated and found tricky ways of repeating keywords on the page and then completely hiding them from human eyes. (background color same as text color).

All of a sudden, grandpa looking for 'holidays in Florida' would be left with the nasty surprise of arriving at a site about Viagra Viagra Viagra!

How could Google keep its status as the most relevant search engine, if people kept on spamming the results with gazillions of spammy pages, burying the relevant results to the bottom?

Entering Into the Google update.

lets dive into the udates world of google.

Google Florida

Google released a widespread update in November 2003 codenamed 'Florida', effectively stopping spammers in their tracks. This update leveled the playing field by rendering keyword stuffing completely useless and effectively restored balance to the force.

And so began the long history of Google updates, making it hard for spammers to game the system and making ranking high a little more complicated for everyone.

Recent Google updates and how to survive them.

Fast-forward 15 years and ranking in Google has become extremely competitive and considerably more complex.

Simply put, everybody wants to be in Google. Google is fighting to keep its search engine relevant and must constantly evolve to continue delivering relevant results to users. This hasn't been without its challenges.

Just like keyword stuffing, webmasters eventually clued onto another way of gaming the system by having the most 'anchor text' pointing to the page.

If you are not familiar with this term, anchor text is the text contained in external links pointing to a page.
I.E = naked url
<a href="">ANCHOR TEXT</a>

This created another loophole exploited by spammers. In many cases, well-meaning marketers and business owners used this tactic to achieve high rankings in the search results.

Google's Penguin

Along came a new Google update in 2012, this time called 'Penguin'. Google's Penguin update punished sites with suspicious amounts of links with exact-matched anchor text pointing to a page, by completely delisting or de-indexing sites from the search results.

Many businesses that relied on search engine traffic lost all of their sales literally overnight, just because Google believed sites with hundreds of links containing just one phrase didn't acquire those links naturally.

Google believed this was a solid indicator the site owner could be gaming the system. If you find these changes alarming, don't.

A Recap of What Doesnt Work 2016 In SEO.

Already, if you have read this post up to this point, then definitely, you have understood the point am coming from and already know what doesn't work in SEO 2016/2017 anymore.

But for the purpose of further simplification, i will just highlight the major lessons in this article.

1. Do not do or try to use keyword stuffing in your post to rank for that particular keyword.

2. Do not drive traffic to your site by pasting your sites url just anywhere you see.

3. When using links or backlinks, do not use a particular anchor text all the time. I.E a post about "Dog training" can have diverse anchors as "Dog breeding, Dog upbringing, Dog training, dog training tips, pet training, pet upbringing, pet training (dog) guide"

If you have been penalized by google before, How to recover from these changes, or to prevent being penalized by new updates, will be posted soon.

In the short history of Google's major updates, we can discover two powerful lessons for achieving top rankings in Google and staying there.

1. If you want to stay at the top of Google, never rely on one tactic.
2. Always ensure your search engine strategies rely on SEO best practices.
penalized by new updates,

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