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Stop Using Exact Match Domain and Start Building your Site in The Authority Model (You are Losing Money)

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An Exact match domain is a domain name that has got the keywords a site is trying to rank for or the niche that site is based on. Say I have a site about “Bowling tips” I would go ahead to register a domain name and name it “ , , , , , and other stuffs like that dot com.” (I just hope I don’t get penalized for using this keyword excessively here.)

Now that’s what we mean by the term “Exact match domain” as you have just by the domain explain all what the site is about and what it will continue to be for the time been.

Why Do People Use Exact Match Domain Really?

frustrated blogger loss I see so many bloggers get confused by virtue of following some self-proclaimed internet experts who tells them to create dozens of sites in different niches using the exact match domain keyword they are trying to rank for in that niche, drive tons of backlinks to it and put some AdSense codes with the aim of making $100/ month from it via AdSense.


Today, making $5,000/month is easier than making $100 each from about 20 sites… --Chris Lee

This is one thing many internet marketers still do not know and keep buying PBNs with high PR and registering exact match domains just to get favor from the search engines and rank their AdSense site (though there are some really smart guys who still rank with PBns till date).

Unfortunately this system of making money and ranking does not work anymore (at least not just for anyone anymore).
In summary, the main reasons why people go ahead to purchase exact match domains is because they feel it will help them rank faster and get traffic, then make some few AdSense bucks from Google.

matt cutts on exact match domain
They feel if I discover a keyword has maybe 50k searches per month and make a site about it (lest say cooking tips for men) and name it “cookingtipsformen[dot]com” whenever anyone just go online and type the word cooking tips for men their site will quickly pop up and they get the view.

Unknown to them that, “ what we have now dominating our search results are authority sites (some with PR and others without PR, just good quality contents and powerful links)” UPDATE: Google has completely disabled PR, so right now, all sites PR is zero.

So, even if your domain is exact match using the cooking tip example, a site with the name “funtime[dot]com” can outrank and continue to outrank your site for life because of its authority. (I bet you must have seen many of these cases from your google search before)

How You Are Currently Losing “and will keep losing” Money from Your Exact Match Domain.

First, having an exact match domain limits your site to doing just one specific thing which is not really all that profitable or long lasting.  (I will talk about that later, but not here). If blogging is a business, then treat it like one..  How? Imagine keywords within a niche have the following:
Keyword 1 --120,000
Keyword 2 --104,000
Keyword 3 --- 60,000k
Keyword 4 --- 50,000
Keyword 5 --- 46,000
Keyword 3 ---- 39,000
TOTAL = 377,000

From this table, site A registers a domain name with an exact match keyword based around 60,000 searches per month and starts blogging only on that keyword plus add some low quality heavy backlinks to it so as to rank for it and be getting at least 35 -40,000 visits per month and maybe make $100 from AdSense and $100 from affiliate products totaling $200 per month.

Site B (authority) Decided to target the whole keywords within the niche by going with a more generic domain name and first went for the keyword getting around 120k/month coupled with the other two getting around 104 and 60k/month, writes good quality contents on one keyword at a time, drive some powerful backlinks to it and all other proper seo work well-done.

If we leave these two sites to rank and watch them grow for the next 6months, we will see Site A shoot up the search result for its keyword quickly and be getting its $200/month from the site. ($200 X 12 = $2400)

Within the space of 6 – 7 and 8months, site B would have built enough authority and immediately slowly climb to the top for both first, second and third keywords + other hidden long tail keywords... Again, I repeat, if SEO done right.

Let’s assume Site B gets 35% out of the whole niche searches (which is in reality too small or not possible since it has built enough authority and recognition).
That’s 131,000 visits per month.   Doing the AdSense arithmetic, (see how to calculate AdSense earning using traffic stats). That will result to about $50/per day and $1500 per month from AdSense alone if properly done.

Let’s just assume the site is not even doing affiliate marketing, which is also not possible, but we will just assume it. (That’s for another day by the way.) ($1500 x the remaining 4months of the year = $6000)

From the result above, you can see site A (exact match small niche domain) gets $2400 in 12 months while Site B (Generic domain name) authority site gets $6000 in just 4 months.. 

Remember we can further monetize that site B for more profits. Imagine if it also decides to target another huge keyword related to that niche but in a diverse manner. I.E adding time management + Self-esteem +Confidence building  and since they all boil down to Just improving your life, the same site can go out as into the Health and Fitness niche, Recreational activity niche, and yes FASHION. WOW.

That’s more traffic, more money. The site just keeps expanding until it reaches 5figures monthly. On the other hand Site A might either get slapped by Google or stock and decide to sell the site for few penny, then go back all again to build a new blog.

Now you see how you are losing big money by just niching and niching down with your exact match domain name instead of expanding and increasing your reach and income.

A Good Way To Choose a Domain For An Authority Site

choose proper domain nameA good way to do this is simply just narrowing down and then expanding again. Say we wanted to create an authority blog based on the fashion niche, we can just as niched as “Men’s fashionable bolt tie” then expand again to “Men’s fashionable tie” again, “the co-operate man” “the casual man”, and further men’s accessories. Now, that’s huge enough.

We can decide to further go up again by adding, men’s relationship life, building their confidence, their health and latter fitness. Guess what our site is all about now? MENs LIFE... And do you know what possible domain we could use for this site? THEWHOLEMAN[dot]COM or MANLY[dot]com (I don’t know if these domains are available for grab]..

And then we go by first covering all about men’s bolt tie. That’s how the authority model works…
I hope this post was helpful enough to make you rethink and re-structure your blogging strategy for the best and make it a long time investment that generates the cash to pay the bills and live luxury.
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