Sunday, 19 February 2017

Goodbye Mytechboard, Say Hello to "The Confidence Post"

Posted By: Confidence Ezemadu - 16:51


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Hey everyone, With great joy in our heart, we are pleased to announce to you that this blog (mytechboard) will no longer be operating as it switches over to "the confidence post" []

As noticed, mytechboard has not been updated for quiet a long time now, and the reason is very obvious, we are shifting attention from this domian name to a completely new domain and site.

Although, all features of MTB will still be intact, the site will no longer get updates and we plead with you all to follow us on our new adventure that caters for wider range of interests.


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Confidence Ezemadu is a lover of information and just loves to take note as he reads. Hence, Mytechboard was born


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